with Jimmy and the Band, Nick Depuy
Thu November 4 @ 6:30 PM
East Berlin
Ages 21 and Up
Additional Info
In accordance with the newest NYC Vaccine Mandate (Key to NYC Pass), all artists performing at an indoor venue AND all guests attending any concert held indoors must provide proof of at least one dose of any COVID-19 vaccine alongside a valid photo ID. Only guests and performers with both items will be permitted inside the venue.

Sweetboy is an indie/folk band based in New York City. Anna Barnett and Jon Flores started working together in 2018, writing a few songs with keys and guitar and playing at open mics and showcases around New York. Their first songs showed a unique balance between his classical piano training and her background studying English literature and storytelling. The duo expanded to a full band in December 2018, bringing on guitarist Chester Drago, bassist Jeremy Coryell, and Noah Roachwerk on drums, and released their first single "Bad News" in 2019. Today, Darby Brandon plays drums with the band.

Sweetboy mixes indie rock and soulful vocals with folk songwriting and southern Americana. They have a playful style, but their lyrics explore sincere themes, and the band is not afraid to disrupt expectations with quirky and unique dynamics and melodies. While the members live across NY and New Jersey, the city is their musical home.

Jimmy and the Band
NYC-based indie dance-rock band who wants you to get up, love someone(s), and move. We like to dance, jam, act and sometimes do backbends. We heard that we sound like Twenty One Pilots meets David Bowie and there is no denying that we love us some Lady Gaga and Phish. What will be in store for the next show? Come.
Jimmy and the Band
Nick Depuy